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How to Promote Your Cannabis Business on Social Networks

When it comes to promoting a cannabis business, creating a community is essential to reach your target audience. Find others who share similar interests and interact with them. This way, you’ll create a niche community and attract followers who share your interests. There are people in this niche community who’ve already established their presence in the social space and have gained millions of followers. You can hire them to promote your business. The benefits are plentiful.

Weed Circles

If you’re in the marijuana business, the WeedCircles cannabis business social networking site is worth checking out. This platform allows Cannabis Business owners to create profiles and connect with other businesses and industry contacts. Members can promote groups to gain followers, and they can also view and comment on product reviews and the history of cannabis strains. There are some bugs on this platform, but overall, it’s a good way to network with other cannabis business owners and industry contacts.

Weed Circles is similar to WeedLife and Google+, but its appearance is similar to that of LinkedIn. It’s mainly a cannabis business social networking site, filled with groupings of cannabis entrepreneurs. You can connect with dispensary owners, growers, and vendors, all for free. In addition, you can easily start your own cannabis groups. If you’re not already part of one, join Weed Circles today and start connecting with other cannabis businesses in your area.

You should also consider LinkedIn, as it’s a professional network where professionals can connect. This is an excellent place to gain venture capital, collaborate with other companies, or even promote your cannabis products. Keep a professional image and include humor, but keep in mind that the goal of LinkedIn is to serve the needs of everyone – even those in the cannabis industry – and not your competitors. You don’t want to muddy the waters and turn potential customers away.

Weed Circles is part of the WeedLife Network. The social network is essentially LinkedIn and Google Plus. In terms of functionality, WeedCircles is similar to LinkedIn. You can connect with cannabis-related businesses and share content. This social networking platform also allows users to buy cannabis products. The website is available for download on Apple and Google play stores. Users can download it for free on their devices. It’s easy to set up a decent profile. Then, you can interact with your audience and conduct business.


The Leafwire social network, created by Ceylon Solutions, is a new way for the cannabis industry to connect and share information. The app caters to both B2B and B2C clients and brings together every type of cannabis-related ancillary business. With a focus on a fast-growing industry, Leafwire wanted to build a team that could deliver MVPs and new features quickly. The company also wanted a development team with knowledge of the cannabis industry. Hence, it placed great importance on a clear communication between customers and developers.

Leafwire also facilitates job boards and communication channels. Its job board focuses on cannabis-related careers. If you are starting a cannabis-related business, Leafwire is the best place to find employees. You can also find new strains of cannabis on CannaSos. This is the leading cannabis social network with over 400,000 monthly visitors. Hence, it is the best place to meet cannabis-related professionals and find the best dispensaries.

The LeafWire social network is a goldmine for the cannabis-related business community. Besides connecting business owners with investors, the social network also provides a platform to post articles, pictures, texts, podcasts, live streams, and videos. It also allows you to build groups of friends and other people who share similar interests. In addition to this, Leafwire offers live streaming and podcasts for the cannabis-related community.

As a cannabis business, social media is an excellent platform to advertise your business. Although it is not legal yet, it has the potential to grow rapidly in the next few years as regulation regimes strengthen and marijuana is made legal for use by adults over 21. In 11 states, the drug is not criminalized. As more states legalize marijuana, the market for cannabis products has expanded and the business is booming.


If you’re in the cannabis industry, you should consider joining the MJLink cannabis business social networking. Unlike other social networks, MjLink connects you with other cannabis industry professionals, allowing you to communicate with them and share content. With thousands of users, this social network is the perfect place to expand your network and build connections with your colleagues. With privacy features that protect your personal information, you can be assured that your privacy is protected and no one will know your business or personal information.

MJLink is a free cannabis business social networking platform. Its members include industry professionals, weed users, and other cannabis-related professionals. With MjLink, you can interact with everyone, from your closest friends to other cannabis industry professionals, in private or public forums. You can also share photos and videos with other members and browse industry news, and follow industry professionals to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news.

Besides MJLink, other cannabis-related social networks include 420 Magazine Forum and HempTalk. HempTalk features content marketing within the cannabis industry and is a good resource for content marketing. MjLink is an excellent platform for cannabis business networking, and Duby, although the former lacks activity since it was acquired by StartEngine, has been stagnant. Those with limited time or resources can also find opportunities with the other social networks.

MJLink has made a point to encourage user interaction through reviews and ratings. Featuring profiles on the website will showcase your brand in a prominent position on the homepage and throughout the site. You can also join Clubhouse, a social audio application that hosts live speaker sessions on various topics. You can even participate in a cannabis-specific room on the website. This is the perfect place to start building a community and a following.


There are many benefits to joining CannaSOS, the largest cannabis business social network. This website has a marijuana strain database, a marijuana business directory, and a community where people can discuss topics related to the cannabis industry. The community is also active on social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Users can connect with other cannabis business owners and professionals, post jobs, and find information about the latest strains and products.

Leafwire: This social network is only for cannabis businesses that touch plants. It is best suited for cannabis business services and is a good choice for cannabis enthusiasts. There are spammers and a lot of self-promotion on the website, so cannabis business owners should take care to avoid this site. However, it is an effective SEO strategy if you want to attract new customers. It’s also possible to connect with existing customers through CannaSOS.

Allbud: Allbud connects businesses, doctors, and other marijuana professionals. The site has searchable databases of licensed dispensaries and medical marijuana patients. Users can post product advertisements and earn sponsorships from other Allbud members’ businesses. There are other ways to advertise your business, but these are just a few of the reasons why you should join CannaSOS. It’s a great place to connect with other cannabis business owners and grow your business!

MJLink: Another great cannabis business social network, MJLink received $1.7 million in funding in its Seed Round. This online community features profiles of marijuana business owners. Users can interact with one another through posts, threads, and photos. MJLink is part of the WeedLife network, which includes thousands of marijuana businesses and marijuana-related groups. CannaSOS supports bitcoin payments and has a community for cannabis businesses and users.


The Cannabis social network Leafly has more than 5 million members. It provides a platform for cannabis discussion with general and medical marijuana forums and an interactive map of different cannabis strains. Leafly is available for free or you can pay to use its more advanced features. Leafly’s founders have an aggressive long-term vision for their company and are conscious of the volatility in the market. The company aims to build a long-term business with a vision to create a world-class cannabis platform.

In the last year, Leafly earned $36 million in revenue. That figure is expected to rise to $40 million in 2021 and $43 million in 2024, but it is not profitable until 2024. Leafly expects to lose $15 million in 2021-2023. Leafly’s executives are taking a disciplined approach to capital deployment and have laid off several employees. They’re also planning to launch their own cannabis social network.

To date, Leafly has been successful in establishing itself as a leading online cannabis marketplace. Thunder Cannabis’ manager claims that about 20% of his company’s sales come from Leafly. Leafly was the first online marketplace of cannabis products. Leafly has more than 125 million monthly visitors, which is impressive, given the industry’s low-budget market. Its success depends on how well it can bring cannabis to the public.

Leafly is banking on more states legalizing cannabis. But the company highlights the risks of legalization in its investor presentation. Leafly CEO Cindy Miyashita cited recent adult-use cannabis legalization policies as dominoes. Both Vermont and Massachusetts recently passed adult-use cannabis legislation. As a result, Leafly’s business could be fueled by a massive east coast cannabis population that might exceed California. Even the Senate majority leader, Chuck Schumer, has expressed support for a federal legalization bill.

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