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4chan Biz – How People Make Money on 4chan

4chan Biz : If you’ve ever wondered how people make money on 4chan, you’re in luck. The anonymous message board has become a significant influencer in the crypto industry. Despite the fact that news from 4chan is not always flattering, it’s no surprise that the business and finance board on the site acts as a conduit for that influence. One prominent venture capitalist recently claimed that 4chan is the biggest driver of the crypto market. Andrew Kang, founder of Mechanism Capital, stated as much in a recent interview.

/biz/ makes people rich

When it comes to the 4chan biz, it’s hard to believe that a site that is almost entirely devoted to shilling a product is actually profitable. The founder of the site, Kit Poole, says that 4chan wouldn’t be possible without eBay. Poole says that his mother used to drive him to weird strip malls to sell hardware. But he didn’t give up. Eventually, his business became so lucrative that his mother was able to quit her day job and pay the rent on the site.

The 4chan biz has no venture capital investors and no founders. The site has been bootstrapped for nine years. As such, it is not a “startup” per se, but more of a project than a business. But with its huge community, 4chan has grown to enormous proportions. The founder goes by the nickname “moot” and is beloved by many 4chan users.

The system of values on 4chan is so male centric that it is reminiscent of grade school. Insecurities are visible, and 4chan users wear them proudly. Those with insecurities wear them on their sleeves and fling insults in a wild, rabid burst at one another. It’s not surprising that 4chan is becoming so powerful, with so many people seeking financial freedom.

/biz/ makes people aware of crypto

The /biz/ forum on 4chan is a gold mine for memes pertaining to cryptocurrency. For instance, a meme about the CEO of the crypto exchange Chainlink became one of the top 20 most popular memes in 2017 and is still trending today. Assblaster, a Q-style prophet, dropped hints about LINK in its early days, while pretending to be under NDA, and releasing large quantities of free alpha in exchange for your money. Currently, Marine Albert Nazarov spends around four hours reading up on Chainlink every day.

4chan is an anonymous messaging board

As the name suggests, 4chan is an anonymous messaging board where you can post your thoughts and feelings anonymously. Its users are mostly college-educated males, with a love for Japanese culture, video games, comics, and technology. Most of them are from English-speaking countries, such as the United States, Britain, Australia, Germany, and Canada. You can use a real name if you want, but do not post it if you don’t want other people to know you.

The concept of 4chan is based on the Futaba Channel, which is a forum where members post and reply to comments. Its collaborative community format was inspired by the Futaba Channel forum, a Japanese website. Different boards were created for different subjects, such as Japanese anime, manga, culture, video games, and music. The message boards are free to participate without registering, so you can post whatever you want.

The founder of 4chan, Christopher Poole, came out in 2008 with his own beliefs on anonymity and free speech, which were completely at odds with the views of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Poole also wrote a TED talk on the importance of anonymity and his motivation for creating 4chan. But while this anonymous messaging board was a hit for many users, it wasn’t an easy site to monetize and maintain.

The popularity of 4chan has helped its founders to get recognition as a pioneer in the world of anonymous communities. Poole, who founded 2channel and 4chan, is the great-grandfather of 4chan. The 2channel and Futaba Channel are both Japanese image boards and were the catalysts for an anonymous web culture in Japan. The two channels spawned fourchan, which he later sold to Nishimura.

A common misconception among newcomers to 4chan is that it requires a user to register before they can post. However, this is untrue. While 4chan users can post anonymously, they must attach an image in order to start a new thread. Otherwise, they must specify an image as an Attachment when replying to an existing thread. This ensures anonymity. If you are posting offensive content, you’ll likely get banned.

While many people have welcomed the anonymous messaging boards, 4chan’s reputation has been marred by some troubling events on the Internet. The founder, Bill Poole, has acknowledged the negative side of 4chan. Initially, 4chan was primarily a place for memes, but has since become a hub for trolling and harassment. There are even reports that some people were molested and harassed on 4chan.

A large number of pranks have taken place on 4chan. For example, a 14-year-old boy who posted a video of himself abusing a cat was tracked down by fourchan users. The local sheriff’s office acted on the information provided by 4chan users. The 14-year-old boy was convicted of animal cruelty. The site’s influence is clear on other forum-based sites, including MySpace. Not only that, but countless internet memes have been created on 4chan. These images spread quickly and become the norm on social media.

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