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The New Nike Tech Pack For Fall 2014

The Fall 2014 Nike Tech pack is centered on movement and environmental protection. In addition to providing warmth and insulating properties, the pack also features Hyperfuse technology for thermoregulation. Here’s a closer look. Read on to discover the many features and benefits of this pack! You’ll be surprised by how much Nike tech you can find! And don’t forget to check out the Nike Tech collection online! The whole family will be happy!

Aeroloft technology bolsters warmth

Tech Fleece fabric redefines the athletic staple with the addition of Nike’s Aeroloft technology. This fabric features plush foam sandwiched between two layers of cotton jersey, providing the ultimate in lightweight warmth. The Aeroloft technology regulates temperature by retaining heat and letting warm air escape through strategically placed laser-cut perforations. The fabric will keep you warm and dry, even during intense activity.

The first jacket to incorporate Nike Aeroloft is the ultralight Nike’s Air-Loft 800 Vest. This vest is designed for runners in cooler temperatures, and it blends insulating down with precision ventilation to keep athletes dry while ensuring optimal warmth. A seamless construction prevents heat loss, and the Aeroloft technology also regulates body temperature through zoned ventilation. In addition to its warm, lightweight construction, the Nike Aeroloft 800 Vest is comfortable and breathable.

Another product featuring the technology is the Aeroloft 800 Vest. Made of ultralight ripstop nylon, this vest is designed to keep runners warm in cooler conditions. It combines perforated down insulation with precision ventilation. The vest’s perforated panels let heat escape and is comfortable enough to fit into a pocket. Aeroloft technology will continue to roll out across future Nike products, including a new running vest.

Hyperfuse technology adds an element of thermoregulation

The new Nike Hyperfuse technology was unveiled in South East London. The shoe upper features a new composite material that combines breathability, durability, and lightweight stability. The material was first used in Nike’s basketball shoes, but has since been added to performance sneakers across the line. It is made from three separate synthetic layers fused together with heat. It is more durable and breathable than traditional materials.

The material is made from three layers: an internal skeleton, a thin mesh layer for breathability, and a tough outer shell. It is more durable than leather, yet retains sufficient ventilation for optimal performance. It is available in several colors, from red to white and from light to dark green. Unlike traditional fleece and nylon, Hyperfuse technology offers an element of thermoregulation. The material was inspired by Nike’s research in China, where athletes are prone to sweating and perspiration.

Nike’s 2014 Fall pack focuses on movement and environmental protection

This fall, Nike introduces two new silhouettes from its Tech Pack Collection. Focusing on environmental protection and movement, these two styles use advanced fleece to provide breathability, insulation and increased functionality. Both styles use minimal and classic silhouettes to showcase their unique properties. Nike’s latest tech collection has many innovative features that will make them a hit among Athletes and fans alike. Let’s take a closer look.

The company has been under fire recently after a sexual harassment and gender discrimination scandal at their Beaverton, Ore., headquarters. As a result, the company has revamped its human resources practices to address the issues. Management training is now mandatory and internal reporting processes have been restructured. Despite the recent negative news, Nike has made changes to their work culture and are committed to protecting the environment and its employees.

Since Nike has made strides in sustainability, the company has pledged to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes making use of recycled waste plastics and including plus-size mannequins in its flagship stores. It has also made commitments to use renewable energy sources for production. By 2021, Nike wants to reduce its carbon footprint by 100%, and produce products that last. This is an important goal for Nike, so that we can all be better able to protect our planet.

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