Virginia Madden

Virginia Fields Madden

Virginia Fields Madden is the late wife of American football trainer and sportscaster Johan Madden. Johan Madden, a former head coach of the Oakland Raiders, was also an award-winning pundit and shading observer during NFL broadcasts. She has since become highly sought-after in the NFL. Virginia’s marriage to Johan led to a great deal of media interest, which she took to heart.

Virginia Fields Madden

A lot of celebrity marriages fail because the stars have busy schedules. But the marriage between John Madden and Virginia Fields has survived all that and is still going strong after more than five decades. The couple understood each other’s strengths and weaknesses and managed to communicate with one another effectively through their glances. They embraced one another’s unique traits and values and are the perfect example of what a successful marriage can look like.

John and Virginia Fields were married in 1960, and both had successful careers in their fields. John’s work as a player and coach earned him fame, and his surname became synonymous with the Madden NFL video game franchise. After nearly half a century, Virginia Fields Madden has remained active in the football community. She is between 80 and 85 years old, and has been a board member of the nonprofit organization Vascular Cures since 2012. Virginia’s life has been filled with many milestones and triumphs.

John and Virginia Fields lived in Pleasanton, California, where they met. The couple has two children: Michael Fields (also known as Mike) plays for the Harvard Crimson, and Joseph Fields, a quarterback at Brown University. The couple’s son Michael is currently pursuing a career in football, and Joe Fields attended Brown University. Virginia and John Madden also have one daughter, Virginia Fields, who went to Harvard.

John Madden’s wife

Virginia is the axis around which the Madden household rotates. She is responsible for keeping Madden’s essentials stocked. Madden’s favorite gifts are kept by Madden, including his three-time All-America linebacker Ted Hendricks’ sign that was given to him in retirement. Virginia has also kept several antiques, including a highway YIELD sign that her husband had bought for him.

John and Virginia met in a bar while attending school. They started dating soon after and dated for several months before saying their vows in 1959. However, their love did not last long. In 1959, Virginia and John got married. In fact, Virginia and Madden were married six months after their initial date! They’ve been married ever since! Here are some fun facts about John and Virginia Madden’s marriage!

Despite John Madden’s hectic schedule as an NFL head coach, the two have been married for 50 years. Madden’s wife has been his greatest supporter throughout his career and has welcomed two children into the family. Virginia Madden is an honorable woman who supports her husband in his many endeavors. There are several sources of information on Madden and Virginia Fields. This article discusses the relationship between Madden and his wife.

After John Madden’s death, his widow, Virginia, spoke at a public memorial in Oakland. She reflected on their 62-year-long marriage and the early days of Madden as head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Virginia Madden said that her late husband ‘believed in Oakland’ and had a great love for the city. Her comments were met with applause from the crowd.

Her career

Virginia Madden has been a television actress and model for over 20 years. She began her career with the 1987 HBO television film Long Gone, playing beauty queen Dixie Lee Boxx. She went on to star in several films, including the comedy Hot to Trot and the 1992 horror film Candyman. Virginia has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Sideways (2004). In addition to acting, Madden has modeled, published, and coached.

John Madden and Virginia Fields’ marriage lasted decades despite John’s busy schedule. Madden and Fields have both been well-versed in adversity. They communicated well by looking at each other. While Virginia Madden’s career in sports has been extremely demanding, she remains devoted to her marriage. She is now 80 to 85 years old and has remained active in the community. She has been involved in the Tri-Valley area for decades, and was a board member of Vascular Cures until her death in 2012. Virginia began to suffer from dizziness in her 40’s and was seen by a family physician who suspected she had a clogged artery.

After retirement from coaching, Madden turned his attention to sports broadcasting. He worked as a color analyst for the NFL’s broadcasts. He later retired to spend more time with his family. The media has been fascinated with Madden’s personal life and her career. The questions surrounding her personal life and her marriage are still largely unanswered. A few facts are worth knowing, though. If you’d like to learn more about Virginia Madden, read this biography!

Her faith

Virginia Madden’s faith was rooted in her Christian values. She served her church by teaching Sunday school and playing the piano. She and her husband were instrumental in establishing the Calvary Christian School and were active in the Child Evangelism Fellowship of Wayne and Pike Counties. Virginia’s life was marked by faith, family and community. She had a deep devotion to the Lord and devoted many years to serving him and his family.

A number of celebrity couples have split or divorced their relationship, but Madden and Fields’s relationship has lasted more than six decades. Their hectic schedules during his sporting career made it difficult to spend time with each other. But despite the difficult circumstances, their faith in one another was undiminished. They Communicated well with each other simply by looking at each other. And that’s how they’ve remained united.

John Madden and Virginia met in Pismo Beach. They got married in a religious ceremony on December 26, 1959. They lived in Pleasanton, California for several years, but remained devoted to their faith. The couple has two sons, Michael and Joseph, together. Their children are close to their parents. Despite the fame and wealth that John Madden has brought them, Virginia Madden’s faith remain strong.

Her dizzy spells

John and Virginia Madden have been married for thirty years. They had two sons and a whole bunch of grandkids, who they haul around in Madden’s bus. During the holidays, John couldn’t be with his family as much as he would have liked, and Virginia couldn’t make up for his absence. After retirement, he decided to dedicate more time to rebuilding the family bond. Virginia Madden started experiencing dizzy spells in her early 40s, and she sought medical attention when they didn’t go away.

While John Madden became famous for his work in sports, Virginia Fields has been a teacher for decades. She also served on the board of Vascular Cures until 2012. Madden has a 50% ownership in Red Bear Inc., which is his family’s business. John and Virginia Madden met at a Pismo Beach bar. They were married on 26 December 1959, inside St Mary of the Assumption Church in Santa Maria. Virginia Fields is now 82 years old.

Her refusal to fly

There is no such thing as a coincidence when it comes to John Madden’s refusal to fly. It happened when Madden’s plane crashed in Ohio during the 1960 college football season. In fact, 16 people were killed when a private plane carrying the team crashed near Cleveland, Ohio. Later, when he was coach of the Oakland Raiders, Madden flew across the country, but refused to fly back after the plane crashed. He later returned to the state of California and moved back to her hometown.

John Madden and Virginia have been married for 44 years. During a luncheon sponsored by the American Association of University Women, Virginia Madden told stories about her husband. She recalled how John Madden’s fear of flying began to affect his physical health after 10 years of coaching. However, they still managed to stay married and raise two sons. John Madden also traveled in a custom-made bus known as the “Madden Cruiser.”

When Madden first started his broadcasting career, he began taking the train, rather than flying. This made the entire experience even more memorable. Madden’s refusal to fly was also noted by Saturday Night Live, which turned it into a sketch. The legendary coach even helped popularize foods like the telestrator and Turducken. A story about his refusal to fly will live on for years to come.

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