Palmetto State Armory

The Palmetto State Armory

When you hear about the Palmetto State Armory, you may be tempted to run the other way. After all, what South Carolina firearms store doesn’t sell guns? This article looks at the company’s politics, quality of products, and expansion outside of the state. But there are some major drawbacks to this South Carolina firearms company, too. So let’s explore them to learn more.

South Carolina-based firearms company

The South Carolina-based firearms company Palmeto State Armory has expanded its West Ashley location and is now hiring for more positions. The company was founded by Jamin McCallum in 2008 and began operations as an online ammunition store. Today, the company operates stores in Columbia, Beaufort, Greenville, Mt. Pleasant, and Summerville, South Carolina. It also has a direct-sales website and a number of retail locations.

The new location will be in the former Sun News building in Myrtle Beach. The Palmetto State Armory will carry guns, ammunition, and firearms parts. It plans to open its first Myrtle Beach location later this year or early next year. It plans to set up a Facebook page for the Grand Strand store and provide updates on the progress of construction.

Aside from ARs, the company also sells AK parts and accessories. Its website lists the parts and accessories for nearly every AK model, including magazines and a lifetime warranty. This makes Palmetto State Armory a one-stop shop for AK-style rifles. The company also offers an impressive variety of accessories and ammunition for ARs, as well as other rifles.

The South Carolina-based firearms company Palmeetto State Armory is perhaps best known for its PA-15 rifle. Its semi-automatic AR-15 rifle is assembled in Lexington County and tested for durability with a YouTube video. The company says it is proud to share its expertise and their passion for making quality firearms. However, the company’s logo features a cannonball.

Quality of products

Palmetto State Armory is known for its affordable prices and quality of firearms. You can also get all sorts of shooting-related items at this company. In fact, the company’s website makes it a point to get these firearms into the hands of law-abiding citizens. On their website, they also make mention of how common firearms are, and how the more people who have access to them, the harder it is to take them away from the lawful owners.

Some of the rifles from Palmetto State Armory are inexpensive, but they aren’t as high-quality as custom-made rifles. Compared to other American manufacturers, Palmetto State Armory rifles are still capable of doing their job. Despite this, many PSA rifle reviews are overly harsh, and the negative feedback might be exaggerated by superfans. That said, it’s hard to argue with the quality of these rifles.

The company has a long history of selling firearms. They are known for their AR-15 rifles and PSA AKV 9mm AK. They also carry a wide range of gunsmithing products. The prices for these weapons are also competitive, so you can save money on your purchase. Palmetto State Armory has seven retail locations throughout South Carolina. Its products are affordable, but still of high quality. If you’re considering purchasing an AR-15 rifle, there’s a good chance that you’ll find one that suits your needs.

The PA-10 is another rifle available from Palmetto State Armory. It has a high-quality, integrated trigger guard that fits snugly into the hand of a gloved finger. Its lower barrel is made from 7075 T6 aluminum and finished in the same hardcoat anodizing as the upper receiver. Both parts are identical in color and texture. The AR-10’s barrel is made from 416R stainless steel.


The Politics of Palmetto State Armoury is a controversial South Carolina firearms manufacturer. The company is known for its anti-government rhetoric and retains Washington lobbyist Craig Metz. The company began selling firearms with imagery associated with “boogaloo,” a term describing a rebellion against the federal government. Advocates of the movement often use firearms to fight for their principles, such as the right to bear arms.

The founder of Palmetto State Armory, Julian Wilson, is an executive for its parent company, JJE Capital. This relationship has heightened political tensions. Wilson, a former Marine, has been vocal about his beliefs on the issue. In 2010, he argued that President Barack Obama supported gun control. His response was a public relations disaster, with Obama launching a rebuke of the company. The rebuke of the company was swift.

The company’s recent expansion plans include a seventh retail location and a firing range in the former home of a local newspaper. The company’s parent company recently made a $65 million stalking horse bid to acquire Remington’s assets, including five different brands of rifles and shotguns. The company plans to increase manufacturing and production in the future. In fact, the arms company has acquired the remaining assets of Remington, which could have a major impact on the local economy.

The company’s political influence is clear. The company is not immune to Partisan politics and has a history of helping its customers. In addition to selling firearms, Palmetto State Armory also carries magazines and fishing tackle. Its recent expansion into retail locations has allowed the business to become one of the state’s largest firearms stores. A new store is planned for the Summerville area.

Expanding outside of South Carolina

A South Carolina gun manufacturer is expanding its operations beyond its home state. The Palmetto State Armory is building a new store that will be 168,000 square feet and serve as the main hub for operations. The company expects to create 300 new jobs over the next three years. The company already employs 230 people. However, the new store will add even more space. In addition, the expanded facility will offer more services to the public.

In addition to manufacturing firearms, the Palmetto State Armory will have distribution and retail facilities. The company’s current facility is just too small for its growing business. The 30-acre facility will allow the company to expand beyond its current footprint. The company’s goal is to expand outside of South Carolina, where its current workforce is small. Although the company is currently expanding within the state, it will continue to have multiple retail locations.

The Palmetto State Armory has an excellent selection of firearms and ammunition rounds. It also sells tactical gear and clothing. The store has three locations in South Carolina, including West Columbia, Dorchester, and Ridgeland. The store also received the BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Excellence. Those who are looking for a gun store should visit this location. There are many opportunities for growth!

The Palmetto State Armory was founded by a group of individuals who had a passion for firearms and tactical gear. The store began as an online magazine and ammunition website but quickly expanded into a full-service retail firearms brand. Whether you’re looking for a rifle, shotgun, or even a taser, they have a wide variety of products to offer.

Reputation for controversial rhetoric

The Palmetto State Armory, a South Carolina firearms manufacturer, has built a reputation for using anti-government rhetoric. The armory, which retains the services of Washington lobbyist Craig Metz, has begun selling products with imagery associated with “boogaloo” – a term that refers to a war to topple the federal government. Adherents of boogaloo typically prepare for such a war.

But the controversial rhetoric hasn’t stopped there. In 2011, the Palmetto State Armory sold a small run of AR-15 lower receivers – an essential part of a firearm. Under federal law, firearms are classified as “assault weapons.” After the shooting of Gabby Giffords, the company halted sales of these firearms.

The company is trying to get attention during the holiday shopping season with its campaign. They want to spark a conversation about firearms in the American household and convey the right message. The ads will run statewide, including in Greenville and Charleston. There have been several questions about repeating the campaign, including a possible boycott. While they’re trying to avoid negative press, they’ve received many questions and are open to constructive criticism.

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