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What Makes Blog Del Narco So Special?

Blog Del Narco: Blog del Narco is a blog that tries to document the violent events and characters of the Mexican drug war. Unlike the mainstream media and government reports, its posts never make it to the mainstream. Yet, its followers are as large as its fan base. In fact, it has even spawned a Facebook page. So what makes this blog so special? Here are some of its most important features:

Blog del narco is a pioneer in documenting Mexico’s drug war

It’s difficult to believe that a twenty-something blogger can risk his or her life to publish such graphic images and videos. However, the truth is that Blog del Narco has become one of the most popular sites in Mexico. The site’s readers regularly send in videos of the bloody aftermath of drug war battles.

This book provides the definitive history of the Mexican drug cartels and the “war on drugs.” It takes readers on the front lines of a war that has cost more than 60,000 lives in six years. The war on drugs fueled violence in Mexico, which became a hub for mega-cartels across Latin America. Narcoland details the roles of the Mexican government and its elites in facilitating the drug trade.

In Mexico

In Mexico, the long-standing drug conflict was exacerbated by corruption, impunity, and disastrous policy interventions. Multiple administrations failed to depose kingpins, and state-sponsored violence continued to target the most vulnerable populations.

In late 2010, La Familia Michoacana split up into smaller groups after a federal offensive escalated internal disagreements. This military intervention, meanwhile, pushed new groups and further weakened the previously dominant Knights Templar. Its leadership also suffered in 2014 when a major leader was arrested and a key group leader killed. Despite their splinter groups, the war on drugs is far from over.

It has a Facebook page

The Mexican drug cartels have been at war for years and the Blog del Narco, which is based in Tamaulipas, is a Facebook page that tracks their violent activities. The blog is published regularly, and is divided into short chapters that report on the bloody battle for territory. The photos are graphic, and the text gives clear explanations of what’s happening, including the transcriptions of messages left on bodies.

The anonymous Blog del Narco, which is accessible only by computer, is Mexico’s ‘go to’ Internet site. It features photos and videos of drug war executions and other brutality. The Blog became Mexico’s most popular site and has more than three million monthly visitors. It chronicles the horrors of the drug war, while avoiding the scrutiny of mainstream media. This blog has a Facebook page, but it’s still anonymous and unfiltered, unlike mainstream media.

While the Blog del Narco has become a staple of the Mexican drug war, the Facebook page is the newest development. Its posts on social media have become as popular as the blog itself. El narco blog has a Facebook page, which is one of the most popular social networking sites. Although the blog is anonymous, the site has gained a large following and has attracted over three million monthly visitors.

It has a book

The world has long been interested in the escalating drug war in Mexico. The Blog del Narco has spawned a book, Dying for the Truth, which details the day-to-day life of Mexican drug traffickers. The blog’s day-by-day entries are often filled with graphic images of severed heads and bodies, burned by fire or acid, and more. The blog’s author remains a mystery, but the book is worth the read.

Although the blog has been going strong for three years, it has inspired dozens of spoof copies set up by drug lords and government agents. The blog’s author blames former Mexican President Felipe Calderon for the violence he documented. The new Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto, has tamped down media attention and confrontations with drug lords. Nonetheless, if readers want an inside look at the current drug war, this book is well worth a read.

Although Lucy claims to be a journalist, her blog is often filled with gory images and exclusive crime scene videos. She says she started the blog because Mexican media stopped reporting the violence and refused to report it. Although the language is in Spanish, the gruesome images will make even the most casual reader shiver. While some Mexican journalists question Lucy’s ethics, Lucy stands by her blog and says that the graphic images serve as a warning for the young.

Grillo’s Work

Grillo’s investigative work into the Mexican drug cartels has produced a book. While it’s a work of fiction, the information found within the book offers a glimpse into the world of Mexican narcos. His book features key interviews with law enforcement and politicians in Mexico. This book is a must-read for anyone who is interested in Mexico’s drug war. It’s an excellent book for anyone interested in the drug war and in exposing the corruption in Mexico.

If you’re interested in the Mexican drug war, you should read the book El Narco. It lays out the contours of this deadly and brutal drug war. If you’re an English-speaking reader, you should read the book. The book was written by Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Quinones, If you have never read his books, you should at least get a copy of this one. Visit Here for more information

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