Gay Bars Near Me

Gay Bars Near Me

If you’re looking for the best gay bars near me, you have a few options. Flaming Saddles, Rebar, and Pieces and Hardware are among the many local favorites. Lucky Cheng’s is an even better choice. These three Chicago bars offer a unique combination of fun and a sense of community. You can even bring a group of friends with you! Just make sure to check their reviews before heading out.

Flaming Saddles

Looking for one of the best gay bars near me? Look no further than the Wild West-themed Flaming Saddles. This cash-only establishment features country-western music, cowboy decor, and dancing barkeeps. And don’t forget to tip them if you’re a good cowboy! Read on to learn more about this spirited bar. Also known as FS, the bar is a unique experience for gay men and lesbians in the area.

Located inside Eleven nightclub, Flaming Saddles in West Hollywood’s first Country Western bar. During the grand opening, Flaming Saddles will receive an official city proclamation for being the city’s first Country Western bar. And there will be a special grand opening party featuring Billy Gilman. You’re going to want to come out to this event. And make sure you bring your cowboy boots because it’s bound to be an amazing time.

Pieces and Hardware

If you’re looking for a new gay bar in NYC, you should try Pieces and Hardware. This gay bar is located in the same building as the Off-Broadway theater, Playhouse on Christopher Street. It’s run by the same group that owns Pieces. The bar features drag shows and daily happy hours. There’s also a dance floor and fog machines. Both venues feature a diverse crowd.

This longtime West Village gay bar has excellent drag shows and daily Happy Hour. The long bar runs along one wall, with a stage right next to it. While the dance floor can get crowded on weekends, it’s less crowded on weeknights. The place is open from 2pm until 4am. Be sure to check out the drag show on Sundays! Pieces also have a cruising room in the back. This room is not advertised in advance, so be prepared to pay a visit.


Rebar gay bars near me feature industrial-style decor and drag shows. It’s the perfect place to meet other gay men and women while enjoying some drinks and dancing. This gay bar is often a favorite among students. Drag shows and DJs are common in this place. The atmosphere is great, too. There’s a great selection of craft beers. You can even order a drink from a tap. The atmosphere at Rebar is definitely not for the faint of heart.

ReBar is a popular gay bar in NYC. Its typical clientele is between 25-45-year-old men who are muscled and hairy. This large bar is home to a lounge room behind the dance floor and two bars. It’s most popular on Saturday nights when a lively crowd is drawn to the dance floor. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out with friends or just want to dance the night away, REBAR is an excellent choice.

Lucky Cheng’s

A popular New York gay bar has made a surprising move: Moving its location from the East Village to the Theatre District. The change, which Jason attributes to skyrocketing rents and a general decline in business, came as a surprise to many of the establishment’s employees. But he has not been deterred. Since his move, Lucky Cheng’s has been attracting an increasingly diverse crowd.

Originally named for the bar’s busboy, Lucky Cheng’s has been in the East Village since 1993. It was advertised as a drag bar that featured male and female impersonators and even transgender performers. Since its inception, the bar has hosted some of the biggest LGBT entertainers, including Laverne Cox and Bob the Drag Queen from “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” In addition to being a place for drag lovers, Lucky Cheng’s was also a place for LGBT activists and celebrities, including Keith Haring and Prince Albert of Monoco.

Twin Peaks Tavern

In San Francisco, you can enjoy a night out with friends at one of the numerous gay bars near Twin Peaks Tavern. This historic bar, located near Castro Muni Station, opened its doors in 1972. With its floor-to-ceiling windows, it quickly became a popular gay bar in the city. The Twin Peaks Tavern has also become a historical landmark. Its owners didn’t intend to use it as a political statement, but it did become an important center of gay community life.

In 1972, when the Twin Peaks Tavern was originally opened, it was an innovation in the LGBT community. In that year, the Stonewall and Compton’s Cafeteria Riots were still fresh in people’s minds. Despite these recent developments, laws prohibiting same-sex activity were still in place in the city. It was not until 1975 that these laws were repealed that gay and lesbian establishments were legally permitted to openly serve people of either sex.

Rebar Chelsea

The industrial-style atmosphere of Rebar Chelsea makes it an excellent place for LGBTQ+ nightlife. The bar has DJs spinning music and drag shows on a regular basis. The bar also has a variety of live bands to choose from. It’s a good place to unwind after work. While there are plenty of other gay bars in Chelsea, it’s well worth checking out Rebar. This review is based on my own experience.

REBAR is a great place to get a little bit of a Latin vibe, as the crowd tends to be in their twenties to thirty-five. The best time to hang out at Rebar is on Saturday nights from midnight until 4 AM. The bar is located at 225 West 19th Street and is open Monday through Wednesday until 2 am and Thursday to Saturday until 4 am. On Sundays, it opens at two pm. REBAR is also popular with a diverse crowd. Its music selection is not just geared toward gays and lesbians but also includes LGBT favorites.

Rebar Astoria

One of the newest NYC gay bars, REBAR, has faced multiple racial discrimination accusations. As a result, a social media campaign has emerged urging people to boycott the bar. A Facebook user, Ian Alexis, posted about his experience at REBAR, revealing that the bar was nearly empty on a Saturday night. Regardless of whether you agree with Alexis’s characterization, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into.

REBAR is a hip gay bar in Astoria, Queens, with a lounge area that can easily be transformed into a dark room if desired. There is a wide variety of music played at Rebar Astoria, including a renowned drag show that can attract hundreds of people. The Playhouse is another of the newest NYC gay bars. The music at Playhouse is upbeat and includes LGBT favorites.

Ritz Bar and Lounge

Ritz Bar and Lounge is a gay dance club near me that features live DJs. The venue has 2 floors with dance floors and lounge rooms. It also has an outdoor patio. It’s the perfect location for a fun night out with friends or family. It’s easy to find a spot to dance the night away in the gay community. You can’t miss it! There are also many other options for drinking and dining in the neighborhood.

The Ritz Bar and Lounge is a gay-friendly bar that is renowned for its drag shows and happy hour. It features two floors of dancing and features a disco ball. There are happy hours every day from 4 to 9pm, and the patio has a small outdoor area. This gay bar is located in Hell’s Kitchen, a neighborhood near Midtown Manhattan. It’s also home to many trendy restaurants and a thriving entertainment scene.

Second Story

If you’re looking for gay nightlife in New York, you’ve come to the right place. The Stonewall Inn is a landmark and the birthplace of modern gay rights. It is popular among both locals and tourists alike. For first-time visitors, it is an institution. Just a few blocks south, you can find Stonewall National Monument. There’s a teak and mahogany bar, but the crowd wasn’t big enough to make for an enjoyable night out.

The Ritz has two floors and a small bar on the ground floor. The rear floor has a dance floor, which plays circuit and house music. For non-kinky revelers, you can visit Flaming Saddles. This is one of the most famous tourist gay bars, but you’re unlikely to see many locals here. However, if you’re into leather accessories, you’re sure to have a blast at the Second Story.

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