Cow Squishmallow

Cow Squishmallow for Easter

This cow squishmallow is perfect for Easter. It is 8 inches tall and coconut-scented. Moreover, the Easter Cow is a mystery bag item. So, it’s fun to see what’s inside an Easter Egg. Connor’s sister Belana will be delighted to see Ronnie in her Easter egg. You’ll want to collect all three to enjoy the Easter experience to the fullest!

Ronnie the Cow

A 40cm tall Squishmallow, Ronnie the Cow is made from ultrasoft materials and high-quality materials. This cute white and brown cow loves building birdhouses and is perfect for kids or adults. Soft personalities and amazing experiences are the hallmarks of Squishmallows. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to suit every taste and need. We’ve chosen Ronnie the Cow as our Squishmallow of the day!

The adorable Squishmallow is made from super-soft polyester and spandex. It comes with a removable cotton sleeve. You can wear it on your phone or as a wall hanging. Ronnie’s friends and family will love to see you wearing it! He also has a purple hair dye and sparkly band. It’s fun to show off your unique style!


The Squishmallow Connor the Cow 16-Inch Plush is a 16-inch plush of Conor the Cow, in a classic Squishmallow silhouette, complete with black and white stripes. It was released in stockX for spring/summer 2021. You can purchase Connor the Cow directly from Squishmallow or from your local toy store. This 16-inch plush is limited to just 500 pieces, so get one while you can!

Connor the Cow is a 16-inch Squishmallow that comes in a variety of colors. His fur is black and white and has small yellow horns. He is a very active Cow, riding his bike everywhere. He is also made of soft, polyester stuffing and is a great gift for kids and adults. You’ll be thrilled with your new friend and look forward to cuddling him with joy for years to come!


Ronnie the Cow Squishmallow is a white squishmallow with pink ears and a light brown muzzle. He loves woodworking and building birdhouses, and he’s the perfect companion to cuddle with. Made from super soft spandex and polyester stuffing, Ronnie is as cute as he is cuddly. While Ronnie is adorable, he’s a tough worker.

This 11-inch-tall squishmallow measures approximately eight inches in size. While this is the most popular size, it is available in several other sizes as well. You can purchase Belana from an online retailer, or you can pick up your package at a local store. If you’d like to receive your order right away, you can request an e-transfer or porch pickup.

Connor’s sister

Connor’s sister, Claire, is a black and white Squishmallow. She’s very athletic and likes to ride her bike everywhere. She has small yellow horns and a round black eye. Her ears and muzzle are light yellows. She also likes banana toast and watching movies. Connor loves to snuggle with her, so she’s a good friend for Connor.

Marina, Connor’s sister, is black and white and dreams of walking the runway as the first cow model. She loves football and dirt bikes, and she gets along with her sister, Malia. Mopey, meanwhile, has a very independent mind and likes to write novels. In fact, she has more friends than she realizes. She’s quite the handful! So, the two of them are constantly going on adventures, sharing snacks, and trying to meet their dreams.

Connor’s horns

The horns on Connor’s cow Squishmallow are an adorable touch to this cute plush. These light blue horns are accented by a matching bowtie. Its soft fabric is a perfect match for any child’s room, and it’s 8″ tall. This collectible plush is made with high-quality materials and is machine-washable. Connor’s horns are removable and washable, making it a great gift for any child.

Despite Connor’s horns, he is mostly white in color. He has small black patches on his right ear and lowers left side. His pale golden horns look cute, and he is easy to hold. His squishy cow body is filled with polyester stuffing, which makes it extremely soft and cuddly. If you’re looking for an adorable gift for a child, you can check out the Redbubble store, where you can find many Squishmallow items to keep them safe.

Connor’s color

Connor the Cow is a black and white Squishmallow with yellow horns. This adorable Squishmallow is the ultimate athlete. His black eyes and pale yellow muzzle make him an instant favorite, and he rides his bike everywhere! He also has small yellow horns and is extremely soft and cuddly. Unlike some Squishmallows, Connor is not made out of stuffed animals, but rather of super-soft polyester and spandex.

A Squishmallow is a soft plush that gives kids endless joy. Connor the Cow is made from high-quality materials. His black patches and pink nose make him a great choice for any little boy or girl. Kids love playing with their Squishmallow toys, and Connor is no exception! He will be a favorite of young and old alike! Just remember, age is not a factor with this toy.

Connor’s rarity

Connor the Cow is an 8-inch Squishmallow with a white body and light blue horns. He also has a bowtie. This Squishmallow has a very unique personality. He’s a very active cow and loves to bike everywhere. His horns are small and pale yellow. He’s an athlete and loves to visit new places.

Squishmallows come in different sizes, and there is something for everyone. Large ones are perfect for cuddling, while small ones are good for travel. Squishmallow cows are available in a variety of designs, but the Official Kellytoy 8-inch Bubba Cow is the most huggable. He looks like a real cow, and he has a cute stylized face.

Connor’s tee-shirt

Connor’s cow Squishmallow t-shirt is adorable and fun! It features the adorable Ronnie the Cow with his white body, pink ears, and muzzle. This sweet stuffed animal is the perfect gift for your child! Made with super-soft spandex and polyester stuffing, this t-shirt is a cute way to show your child’s affection.

Ronnie the Cow’s sister, Belana, is an artist who hopes to attend art school. She has always helped her brother finish his birdhouses and wants to go to art school one day. She is also super-soft and comes with a matching flower headband. The t-shirt is machine-washable and is part of the Squishmallow Animal Squad. You can even buy accessories, such as earrings, phone cases, and mugs featuring Ronnie the Cow.

Connor’s sweatshirt

Connor the Cow is a black and white Squishmallow. He is a very active Squishmallow who rides his bicycle everywhere. His small horns are yellow. His ears and muzzle are also pink. Connor loves putting together birdhouses and is very athletic. The Connor’s cow sweatshirt is made of soft polyester stuffing and spandex fabric.

A squishmallow is a cuddly plush toy made from a marshmallow-like material. These stuffed animals are highly comfortable and cuddly and are the perfect couch buddy or travel partner. Each Squishmallow is officially licensed and 100% authentic. Connor loves his squishy buddy! It makes a great gift for your little one and is a cozy way to make sure he feels comfortable no matter where he goes.

Connor’s enamel pin

Each Squishmallow Tin comes with an exclusive enamel pin that matches the Squishmallow inside. Wear your pin wherever you go. And don’t forget about the Micromallow, which is a 2.5-inch squishmallow that makes a great travel companion. It also comes with a small carrying case for added convenience. So, get yours today and enjoy a whole new level of squishmallow playtime!

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