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Shoot Point Blank Expands Into Illinois

Shoot Point Blank was founded by Tom Willingham after experiencing terrible service at local firearm stores. Willingham wondered why buying a firearm was so different from shopping at other retailers. He believed gun shopping should be enjoyable, and the salespeople should be friendly and knowledgeable. He hoped to change this experience for future gun owners. Read on to find out how Shoot Point Blank has changed the gun-buying experience. Here are some of the most common questions and answers.

Range USA

The Shoot Point Blank in Dayton, Ohio, is the world’s largest indoor gun range operator. Starting in 2012, it has expanded its presence to many Midwest cities, with locations showcasing a wide range of firearms and ammunition. With a strong focus on safety, Shoot Point Blank provides climate-controlled, well-maintained shooting lanes for both long guns and handguns. The equipment and ranges are made of bulletproof glass and ballistic rubber. Guests can rent handguns or long guns from a selection of leading manufacturers, including Glock, Smith & Wesson, and Mossberg. Renting ammunition is also available, with the range offering a variety of cartridges.

Regardless of your shooting experience, there are some basic safety rules that you must follow. First, you must have legal permission to rent a firearm and meet U.S. citizenship requirements. Also, you must be able to legally obtain a firearm in your state. If you’re under the age of 21, you must be accompanied by a parent or legal resident. After acquiring your gun, you must stop shooting at the “stop fire” or “ceasefire” signal.

In addition to shooting, shooters can enjoy shooting activities indoors. Shoot Point Blank has 30 locations in seven states, including Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. A vacant parcel across from Walmart in Greenfield is being eyed for a new location. The owner of the property, ComptonAddy, a Cincinnati, Ohio-based commercial real estate development firm, plans to develop the land into a 10550-square-foot building containing an indoor shooting range. The company must obtain a change in city ordinance before it can begin construction on the new facility.


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Gun shop

A Cincinnati-based chain is looking to expand into Illinois with a new store in Millerville. The chain has 28 locations across the Midwest, Texas, and Tennessee. Its new store will be located at 19641 NE Frontage Road, near the Aldi supermarket. For more information, please call the store at (812) 847-2744 or visit their website. For a detailed store description, please visit their website.

In addition to firearms, the store also has ammo and accessories. During their educational classes, the store provides a safe and enjoyable environment for shooting. The shop offers an indoor shooting range as well as a wine bar and live music. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a beer, shooters will appreciate their extensive selection of craft brews. At Hop Yard 62, you can sample over 70 craft beers and 21 rotating taps.

The company has eight locations in the Midwest. They offer excellent retail and shooting range experiences to clients. They were founded in 2012 and employ 12.5% of University of Cincinnati graduates. As an emerging company, Shoot Point Blank has plans to expand rapidly, but in the meantime, the company remains open to new ideas. The company’s employees are a testament to the quality of their service. Shoot Point Blank is a great place to learn about firearms and hone your skills. The company also offers to ship in the greater Cincinnati area.

Indoor shooting range

An indoor shooting range is a place where you can practice with firearms. Also known as a gun range, it is used for competitions, training, and qualification of firearm users. There are many different types of shooting ranges, including those for hunting, target shooting, and sport hunting. Here are some of the different types of indoor shooting ranges. We will cover what each one is and why you should have one in your home. But, for the most part, these types of shooting ranges are the same.

While the physical construction of an indoor shooting range is important, its safety features should be as well. The walls and roof should be made of strong, non-porous materials, such as concrete or masonry cubes. These walls should be impenetrable and provide adequate ballistic protection. The floor should be made of reinforced concrete or poured concrete, and have a smooth finish. Additionally, the floor should be slanted upwards to support the bullet trap downrange and make it easier to maintain.


The roofs of indoor shooting ranges are made of steel joists and are often covered with precast concrete panels. This makes it easy to keep the floor clean and prevent the buildup of lead from misfired bullets. During the cold range, shooters cannot stand at the firing line. They must also keep their rounds within range. This means they must shoot at targets that are in line with their positions, and not at other targets.

Prices for an indoor shooting range vary. Many factors contribute to the price, including whether you bring your own firearm and purchase or rent ammunition. You may also wish to rent several different types of firearms to see which one is your favorite. If you plan to take a group out, you may want to book the experience as a group or shoot alone. In either case, you should follow all safety precautions. It is important to protect your hearing and eyes, and you should never shoot with an unprotected firearm.

While purchasing a firearm at an indoor shooting range, don’t forget to pick out your firearm safety equipment. In most cases, you’ll receive a free gun safety class at the range. These classes are designed for anyone, from the beginner to the expert. They will even give you everything you need to get a state permit! You’ll love your new hobby and look forward to the next time you shoot. You can enjoy a day of fun and exercise while at the same time boosting your confidence.


In a bid to expand into Greenfield, Indiana, Shoot Point Blank has sought to lease a vacant parcel in the city. Located across the street from Walmart and between Mister Car Wash and First Weber, the property has no other major tenants and could become a shooting range. The property is owned by ComptonAddy, a commercial real estate development firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company hopes to build a 10,550-square-foot building for the shooting range, which would require a change in city ordinance.

In Cincinnati, a shooting range and retail store are part of the Shoot Point Blank experience. This chain of shooting ranges is a relatively new company, which has been around for less than 10 years. It hires nearly half of its employees from the University of Cincinnati. It also ranks among the best places to work in Ohio, with a high percentage of employees graduating from the University of Cincinnati. For all of these reasons, shooting ranges and retail locations are important for any company.

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