Dim Sum Palace

Dim Sum Palace – Midtown West in New York City

You’ll find this authentic dim sum palace on Restaurant Row, right on historic New York City’s Restaurant Row. You’ll find a selection of Asian fusion dishes, as well as traditional dishes like har gow, which is a translucent dumpling filled with shrimp. Some of their other bestsellers include shumai and BBQ pork buns. Here, you can learn more about their menu and what to order. After you’ve read about their locations, check out their Specialties and Delivery fees.


The specialty at a Dim Sum Palace is the har gow, or shrimp dumplings, which come in translucent skin and are free of fillers and water chestnuts. A whole large shrimp is also available, wrapped in rice noodle rolls. Typically, the lightest dishes are served first. This helps people build up their appetites for the richer, deeper-fried dishes that follow. The har gow is one of the most popular choices in this New York City restaurant.

The Dim Sum Palace, located on 2nd Avenue, New York City, has been rated five stars by Yelp users and has a loyal clientele. The menu is full of delicious treats, including Shrimp dumplings (4 Pcs.) and BBQ Pork Buns (3 Pcs.). There are also some chef-created specialties, like the General Tso’s Chicken and Shrimp stuffed tofu. You can even order delivery through Grubhub.

The dim sum culture has spread throughout the western world. Immigrants from China’s Canton region opened teahouse-style dim sum restaurants in New York and other states, creating a dim sum culture in America. Today, Chinatowns are bustling with dim sum restaurants. If you’re wondering how dim sum originated, there are many different types of these dishes. Despite their small size, they have tons of flavor. And, since the dim sum is light on the stomach, it’s not high in calories.

Delivery fees

To get your favorite New York cuisine delivered right to your door, check out the Delivery Fees for Dim Sum Palace – Midtown West. If the restaurant is not in your neighborhood, consider ordering online and waiting for the food to be delivered to your home. Delivery fees are different for every location, so check your address before ordering. You can also use the Uber Eats app and website to place your order, and you can track the progress of your order.

The Dim Sum Palace (2nd Avenue) menu is available online, and you can choose from a wide selection of delicious options for pickup or delivery. The most popular dishes include the Shrimp Dumpling (4 Pcs.), BBQ Pork Buns (3 Pcs.), and General Tso’s Chicken. The restaurant offers delivery throughout Manhattan, as well as to surrounding areas. For your convenience, you can also choose to pick up your order at the restaurant.


The New Museum of Contemporary Art, a center for the study and preservation of contemporary art, is located in downtown Manhattan, a few blocks from the Dim Sum Palace. It features an expansive collection of avant-garde, experimental and independent films. To the south, the Ukrainian Museum is located on Cooper Square, in Lower Manhattan. It was founded by the Ukrainian National Women’s League of America. The museum was recently approved to serve beer and wine.

The dim sum menu is heavy on dim sum selections, but it also includes some more traditional dishes. Try classics like har gow, a translucent dumpling filled with shrimp. Other items on the menu include shumai and BBQ pork buns. Reservations are not required, but you may want to call ahead to check on availability. However, if you’d like to make a reservation, you’ll need to do so through OpenTable.

If you’re visiting Manhattan, consider trying Dim Sum Palace. Its ambiance is cozy and service is quick. You can try shrimp and pork shumai, fried wontons, cold sesame noodles, roast duck dumplings, and a vegetarian hot and sour soup. To drink, try a Tsing Tao beer, which is great for a dim sum lunch. If you don’t want to wait until dinnertime, you can order takeout.

Pastry puff dishes

A dim sum palace is incomplete without its signature baked Chinese roast pork pastry puffs. These light and flaky pastries contain a rich pork filling, but you can create your own version for a more authentic taste. Although store-bought puff pastry can be found in most dim sum palaces, homemade versions offer a superior flavor. The process is simple: just pulse flour, sugar, and salt in a food processor to make a water dough. Once this is complete, add the lard/shortening/butter and process until it resembles a coarse meal. Once the mixture is incorporated, combine with fingers in a quick rubbing motion.

The ordering process at a dim sum palace differs from that of other restaurants. Ordering with a punch card is necessary. A cart waitress will bring the dishes available to your table. Simply call the cart waitress carrying the dish you want to order to come to your table. Most of these dishes are meant to be shared with everyone at the table, so it is best to order multiple dishes. But remember, you’ll want to order as much as you can manage. A menu featuring pictures of the dishes will be helpful in helping you make your decision.

Sui Mai Dumplings are among the most popular pastries at a dim sum palace, but there are also a wide variety of fusion-style dumplings to choose from. You can find char siu bao, egg tarts, and pork belly steamed buns. You’ll also find delicious pork sui mai, taro dumplings, and a variety of other traditional Chinese dumplings. Whether you choose to eat a traditional Chinese dumpling or something modern, you’ll be delighted with the variety of delicious dumplings.

Pastry dumplings with a pleated skin

A simple restaurant serves Chinese favorites like classic dim sum favorites. If you are not a fan of Chinese food, you can always opt for a traditional Chinese entree such as fried wonton soup. This restaurant specializes in dumplings, and fried wonton soup is particularly popular. Both dim sum and the classic Chinese entree are available for takeout or delivery.

This dumpling style is also known as jao Tze, gao, gow, and Chiao Tzu, and is made with wheat starch. The steamed version is filled with minced pork and water chestnut and is wrapped in a thin wonton wrapper. The final product is served over the noodles in a rich chicken broth.

Generally, these are served in a stacked basket. The wrapper is paper-thin and can jiggle easily when you try to bite into it. As a result, the best way to eat them is to take small bites. The smaller your bites, the more likely the soup will leak out. To avoid this, a spoon is needed. For the larger ones, make sure to fill them with a thicker filling.

If you’re hungry, consider a visit to Dim Sum Palace. This Chinese restaurant has two locations in Manhattan, and a third location is coming soon. They serve roughly 50 varieties of dim sum on a rotating schedule. Their offerings range from fried, steamed, savory, and sweet. The traditional method of serving dim sum is by rolling carts, but this is not practical in the middle of the city. The Dim Sum Palace serves these dishes from a menu, and each dish is made to order.

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