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Bluestone Lane Coffee – A Phenomenon in American Coffee

If you’ve ever been to an Australian-inspired coffee and hospitality concept, you’ve probably walked into Bluestone Lane coffee. Now with 52 locations across the U.S. and Canada, the chain plans to open as many as fifteen new locations this year, and has described itself as a “boutique-like experience with a massive scale.” In other words, it’s a cafe you’ll want to frequent. But how does Bluestone Lane stay relevant?

Bluestone Lane is an Australian-inspired coffee and hospitality concept

A 50-unit coffee shop-cafe brand founded by Australian expatriates in New York, Bluestone Lane coffee is bringing the Melbourne coffee scene to the U.S. The coffee shop concept has become a phenomenon in the US, and it boasts a remarkably high rate of consumer adoption. The company has achieved rapid growth and has received praise for its focus on superior coffee, a personal touch, and a healthier menu. Founded by Nick Stone, Bluestone Lane is leading the movement to reshape US coffee culture.

While most Bluestone Lane locations are company-run, the brand is considering franchising with strategic partners. The company has already signed agreements with JFK International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Boston Logan International Airport, and 20th Century Studios in Los Angeles. Developing franchises is not on Bluestone Lane’s immediate agenda, but it is looking into it. Franchised locations are good for this brand.

Nick Stone

Nick Stone and his team have the vision to become Australia’s largest export of hospitality in the U.S. and recently received a significant investment from the Momofuku brand. After launching the first Bluestone Lane coffee shop in Greenwich Village in 2013, the company has now expanded to twelve locations across the U.S., including a roastery in Brooklyn. They aim to employ between 10 and 20 percent, of Australian staff, making the Bluestone Lane coffee experience more authentic and memorable.

Stone has also begun selling wholesale coffee. Since May 2017, Bluestone has also started selling its own juice line. While Stone is wary of the saturation of the U.S. coffee market, he is optimistic about the company’s future. Although the company has 30 locations throughout the United States, he is not concerned about oversaturation.

While the concept may be a novelty for many, the founders of Bluestone Lane have a valuable message for budding entrepreneurs. They admit to making mistakes and have learned from them. But they wear their scars with pride and have high hopes for the brand. They are looking for individuals who are passionate about serving the community and promoting the culture of a place. In addition to serving delicious coffee, Bluestone Lane will also feature an expansive outdoor patio.


bluestone lane

It has 52 locations in the U.S. and Canada

The New York-based specialty coffee roaster and cafe brand Bluestone Lane is expanding to the suburbs, beginning with its first cafes in Texas and New Jersey. The chain plans to open cafes in the greater Washington, D.C., and New Jersey areas in the coming years. In addition to expanding to the suburbs, Bluestone Lane plans to offer mobile drive-thru service.

The brand is Australian-inspired, with 52 locations across the United States and Canada. Its cafe concept is modeled after a hole-in-the-wall coffee shop in Australia. The coffee itself is made from premium ingredients, such as Fairtrade-certified organic coffee. In addition to its coffee, Bluestone Lane offers salads and potato wedges. In an effort to create an authentic Australian experience, founder Nicholas Stone reportedly studied 16 Starbucks outlets for 75 hours.

It plans to open up to 15 new locations this year

After successfully expanding its Brooklyn location, Bluestone Lane coffee is now making its way into the higher-profile retail spaces of Los Angeles and New York City. The chain plans to open up to three bars at the Chelsea Piers fitness complex, three in the new residential tower in San Francisco, and one in the lot of the famous Fox Studios in Century City, Los Angeles.

The cafe is hoping to build a loyal local following in New York City by channeling the coffee culture of Australia. Its San Francisco location will open its first sit-down location at 288 First St., near the Uber headquarters. The cafe will serve breakfast items and lunch fare all day long. Other menu items include salads, burgers, and veggie bowls. The company plans to open as many as 15 new locations this year.

The chain has already opened 52 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Its plans to open up to 15 more locations this year are a sign of its success and growth potential. As the company continues to grow, it plans to expand into new markets, including Texas. The company has been on an aggressive growth path since it received a $19.5 million minority investment from RSE Ventures.

The company also has multiple plans to expand its presence in the D.C. area. Besides the Georgetown location, the West End location will be the first one in the city to serve alcohol. The Georgetown location also has plans to expand, while San Francisco’s Blue Bottle Coffee is also expanding into the city. The company also recently locked down a new location at 1150 Connecticut Avenue NW.

It wants to achieve “boutique in scale”

The philosophy of Bluestone Lane is simple: serve a boutique-style coffee. Its mission is to create a community that is authentic and rooted in the country’s history with caffeine. Even before Starbucks made espresso culture a mass commodity, this culture existed only in niche pockets and was tied to Western Europe. Now, Bluestone Lane wants to achieve this same level of authenticity in its franchises.

The cafe is located in a high-end shopping mall in the heart of Orange County. The menu includes Australian-style dishes, superior coffee, and an elevated experience. The executive chef is Lisa Mann, who has over 25 years in the industry. Her previous role was as the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice-President of Kind Snacks, where she worked directly with the founder. Those experiences will come in handy for Bluestone Lane as the company plans to expand.

While most of Bluestone Lane’s stores are independently owned and operated, it is also open to licensing its brand in strategic locations. It has licensing agreements with JFK International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Boston Logan International, and 20th Century Studios in Los Angeles. While these agreements are still in the early stages, Bluestone Lane is focusing on international markets. Bluestone lane coffee has reportedly discussed franchising in the short term.

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