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Hollywood Feed Acquires PetPeople

If you’re in the market for premium pet food and treats, Hollywood Feed may be the place to go. The company operates 180 brick-and-mortar stores, a cutting-edge e-commerce platform, and 17 tractor-trailer rigs to deliver groceries to every customer’s doorstep. All stores offer same-day delivery and curbside pickup. If you can’t make it to one of the stores, Hollywood Feed ships your order to your door in an hour or less.

PetPeople offers premium, natural pet food and treats

The pet foods retailer PetPeople has entered an agreement with Hollywood Feed to acquire the company. Founded in 1993 in San Diego, PetPeople now offers premium, natural pet food and treats and grooming services. The company has helped local animal rescue groups and donates a portion of its profits to charity. The company plans to expand its presence by offering home delivery services in the future. It is currently only available in the United States.

Hollywood Feed offers same-day delivery at all of its locations

The best part about Hollywood Feed is that it offers same-day delivery at all of its locations. The convenience of same-day delivery allows you to make a grocery or other order and have it delivered the same day. In addition, all of the locations have same-day delivery at no additional cost. The convenience of same-day delivery is not limited to the store locations; same-day delivery is available on the website as well.

To offer same-day delivery, Hollywood Feed expanded its service throughout the Southeast and Midwest. It offers curbside pick-up and home delivery services seven days a week. Delivery times are generally one to two hours. For those who don’t live near a Hollywood Feed location, same-day delivery is available on the first day of the week. The company is also introducing new practices for handling returns, curbside pickup, and social distancing.

The company has increased its number of stores from 104 to 180. It is expanding its footprint to 19 states, employing 1,225 associates. It also operates a 180,000-square-foot warehouse and 17 tractor-trailer rigs for distribution. All of its stores offer curbside pickup and same-day delivery. Its locations are conveniently located near major highways and freeways.

America’s Best Retailers

Hollywood Feed is a top-tier retailer of holistic and natural pet foods. It was ranked number one in the “America’s Best Retailers” list by Newsweek. It is headquartered in Memphis, TN. The company also supports animal rescue groups in the area. If you have a dog, you’ll want to visit Hollywood Feed. It offers an easy online shopping experience, same-day delivery, and more.

The company does not accept class actions but will consider them if you have a valid claim. It does not participate in class-wide arbitration or actions brought by a private attorney general or plaintiff acting in a representative capacity. It also does not participate in consolidated claims involving another person’s account. The same goes for claims of public injunctive relief. You may file an individual lawsuit in your jurisdiction.

Store count will increase from 104 to 180

The company announced that it has acquired the pet store chain Pet People, which will increase the chain’s store count from 104 to 180. The acquisition will give the company the opportunity to expand its reach across the country and will help it recruit more employees. It is also adding five new states to its list, expanding its customer base and geographic footprint. After the acquisition, Hollywood Feed expects to employ approximately 1 225 people, according to the company.

The company plans to expand to a total of 180 retail locations, employing over 1,225 people. In addition to its brick-and-mortar stores, Hollywood Feed will have an e-commerce platform, a 180,000-square-foot warehouse, and a fleet of seventeen tractor-trailer rigs for delivery. Upon completion of the deal, the company expects to expand its online pet store and add more stores.

Currently, Hollywood Feed operates a total of 84 stores across the nation. The company also offers online ordering and free delivery to all customers. Its mission is to provide exceptional service and products to its customers and help improve the health and well-being of their pets. The company has earned numerous awards and has been named Best Pet Store by The Memphis Flyer, The Best Self Atlanta Magazine, and the Best Pet Food and Supplies in the Best of Denton County Awards. In addition, the company has been named Best New Business by Cary Living Magazine, North Carolina.

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