Amra Nor Jenkins

Amra Nor Jenkins

Amra Nor Jenkins is the youngest daughter of rapper Jeezy. She was born in 2014 and is an American citizen. Her parents are married and she has two older siblings. Her father nearly died in a car accident. She is an entrepreneur and is the youngest member of her family. Here is more about Amra Nor Jenkins.

Amra Nor Jenkins is the youngest of Young Jeezy’s children

Amra Nor Jenkins was born in February 2014. She is the second child of Jeezy and Tenesha Dykes. She is not a public figure, but reports suggest that she is the mother of Shyheim Jenkins. The oldest of the three Jeezy children, Jadarius, is a rapper who goes by the stage name Lil’ Jezzy. He proposed to his girlfriend Mahlet Gebregiorgis on Christmas Day 2016 and she accepted. In September 2019, Jeezy began dating TV personality Jeannie Mai. Their relationship has been publicized, but details are still scarce.

Amra Nor Jenkins was born in 2014, which makes her the youngest of the rapper’s children. Her mother, Mahi Jenkins, does not want her daughter to be in the spotlight. Despite this, she does get along with Jeezy’s only child. Mahi Jenkins has a bitter relationship with her husband, but they both do get along with Amra. Amra’s father, Jay Wayne Jenkins, was born in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1977. He was raised in Georgia.

Amra has been in the care of her mother ever since her parents split up. The rapper separated from Mahlet because of the relationship between Mahlet and Jeannie Mai. They have had several legal battles over child custody. However, Jeezy still pays child support to Mahlet.

The youngest of Young Jeezy’s children, Amra Nor Jenkins, is a model and an actress. She is currently studying to become a lawyer. She has been active in her community and has been active in philanthropy.

Amra Nor Jenkins was born in September 2007. Her father is a recording artist. He is also a singer. He has a net worth of $10 million. Amra’s father nearly died in a car crash in 2007 while driving a million-dollar Bugatti Veyron.

She is the younger half-sister of Jeezy

Amra Jenkins was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014. Her parents are Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin and Jay Wayne Jenkins. Her relationship with Jeezy gained her fame and she was pregnant at the time. The rapper proposed to her during a Christmas day dinner. The couple has two children.

Amra Jenkins has two younger siblings. Her younger brother, Jadarius, is a media personality. The older brother is a rapper. Her mother is a singer. Both of them have been very successful in their respective careers. She is also making waves in the fashion industry.

Amra is closer to her father than to her mother, Mahi. Mahi is the mother of Jeezy’s daughter Amra. She is also close to Jeezy. She also has a relationship with Shyheim, his son. They share a half-sister bond.

Amra Jenkins has been linked with several women in the past. She is the younger half-sister of Jeezy. Her mother is Mahi Jenkins. The couple has a bitter relationship. She prefers to keep herself out of the limelight. Despite the conflict, Amra and Jeezy are very close and get along well.

In 2012, Jeezy allegedly beat one of his older children, threatening to kill him. The incident was reported by TMZ. After his son had banged his head on a glass shower door, Jeezy allegedly hit him in the face and dragged him to his bedroom.

Amra Jenkins is the younger half-sister of Jeezy. Her father was also an alcoholic. In fact, she drank a lot, and so did Jeezy. But in the end, the rapper turned himself into the authorities. Despite these allegations, Jeezy is still married.

Basic info

The rapper was born on October 12, 1977, and raised in Atlanta. When he was in his early teens, he went to the streets to make money. However, he was later charged with shooting a concert by Wiz Khalifa. However, he was released from jail a month later.

Jeezy is the de facto leader of the southern hip-hop group United Streets Dopeboyz of America. He also used to be a member of the rap group Boyz n da Hood. He won numerous awards for his music and videos.

She is an entrepreneur

Amra Nor Jenkins is the half-sister of rapper Shyheim Jenkins. She was born in February 2014 and has a brother named Jadarius. She is often mistaken for her famous younger brother Lil’ Jezzy. The older brother graduated from Georgia Riverwood Academy and now has his own fashion line. His younger half-sister is Amra Nor Jenkins. She is a student at the University of Georgia.

Although she is still too young to be incarcerated, Jenkins had no intention of doing so. After being sent to a youth challenge academy, she decided to become an entrepreneur. She first began with a record label called Corporate Thugz Entertainment, which eventually became CTE World. However, she soon found that managing a record label meant working long hours and little money. Instead of giving up her studies, Jenkins took matters into her own hands, starting her own business.

Amra Nor Jenkins was born on February 27, 2014. She is the daughter of Jeezy and Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin. She was born to Jeezy and Mahlet Mahi Gebremedigis, who got engaged in December 2016. Their relationship lasted for a year before they broke up in 2019. After the breakup, Amra was embroiled in a custody battle. The two sides eventually settled for $7,500 a month in child support and Jeezy was ordered to pay $30k for her child’s schooling.

Amra Nor Jenkins

Her father was almost killed in a car accident

Amra Nor Jenkins’ father nearly died in a 2007 car accident. He was walking from his Atlanta recording studio when a cab hit him. The cab driver was speeding in the wrong lane and almost killed the rapper. Amra Nor Jenkins’ father was injured in the car accident but survived.

Amra Noe Jenkins was born in 2014 and has two siblings. She is an American citizen. Her father, known as Young Jeezy, was a hip-hop artist who is also an American citizen. She was born in South Carolina and raised in Georgia. She frequently juggled the different members of her family and her father’s life.

Amra Nor Jenkin and Jadarius Jenkins

Amra Nor Jenkin has a half-brother named Jadarius Jenkins, who was born on June 18, 1996, in Atlanta, Georgia. His first baby mama is Tenesha Dykes. He is a rapper and is also making waves in the fashion industry. Although he was only born as a half-brother, he is already a household name.

Young Jeezy’s third child

Young Jeezy’s third child is Ama Nor Jenkins, born in February 2014. She is the rapper’s third child. Her mother is Mahlet “Mahi” Gebregiorgis, whom he married in Dec. 2016. The couple split up in February 2019 after a bitter custody battle. According to reports, Jeezy agreed to pay Mahi $7,500 a month in child support and $30,000 for Amra’s schooling.

Young Jeezy is a rapper and record producer. He was born Jay Wayne Jenkins on September 28, 1977, in Columbia, South Carolina. The couple had a son named Shyheim, and their second child was Amra. Young Jeezy is also a successful producer and songwriter and has released several hits. His first album, Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and went platinum. He has a new album on the way.

Jeezy has been married twice before. His current wife Jeannie Mai gave birth to their first child together in January 2022. In addition to Amra Nor, Jeezy has three other children from previous relationships. His oldest child, Jadarius Jenkins, is currently in college and wants to start his own clothing line. He also has a daughter named Tenesha Dykes.

Young Jeezy is a successful rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. His music has helped popularize the genre of trap music. His net worth is around $10 million. He recently opened his home to Hurricane Katrina victims, and he has three other children from previous relationships. His eldest child, Jadarius, goes by the stage name Lil’ Jezzy.


Amra Nor Jenkins is the younger half-sister of Shyheim Jenkins, a rapper, and entrepreneur. She was born to Jeezy and Mahalet Gebregiorgis in February 2014. Jeezy and Mahalet were previously married, but they split after they had two children, Amra and Jadarius. Amra has her own clothing line and is also a musician.

Amra Nor Jenkins was born on February 27, 2014. She is the daughter of Jeezy and Mahlet Mahi Gebremedhin. Mahi and Jeezy engaged in December 2016. They then split in April 2019. After a long custody battle, Amra and Mahi were awarded full custody of their child. Ultimately, Jeezy agreed to pay $7,500 a month for child support and $30,000 for her schooling.

Jay Wayne Jenkins is a rapper and singer. He started rapping in the early 2000s and continues to influence many aspiring rappers. He is estimated to be worth $10 million. In addition to his music business, Jenkins has ventured into real estate. He previously owned a two-story penthouse in Atlanta. In 2014, he bought a $1.5 million home outside Atlanta. In 2016, he also bought a three-story house near Georgia.

Jenkins was too young to be in prison, but he decided to become an entrepreneur to avoid prison. He founded a record label, Corporate Thugz Entertainment, which later became CTE World. However, he soon found out that running a record label requires a lot of long hours and a lot of money. So, he decided to take matters into his own hands.