Roxanne Wolf
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Roxanne Wolf – Marta Svetek is The Voice of Roxanne

Marta Svetek is the voice of Roxanne Wolf in the animated television series. While the character is a glam rock animatronic, this character is also a nighttime security guard at Mega Pizzaplex. Let’s learn more about Marta and her role in Roxanne Wolf. Also, learn more about Roxanne Wolf’s eerie past. She discusses the voice […]

Ross Near Me
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Ross Near Me With Moovit – Getting to that

If you’re looking for a discount department store with great customer service, look no further. You’ll find a Ross near you with the help of Moovit, the best app for public transit. Senior citizens can save money on public transportation at participating locations as well. Here are some tips for getting to a ross near […]

Big 5 Sporting Goods
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Big 5 Sporting Goods Stock Review

Big 5 Sporting Goods is a retailer of sporting goods in the United States. It has 434 stores in 11 states, with the CEO, President, and Chairman being Steven G. Miller. The company’s core values include long-term focus, a value-oriented clientele, cost-consciousness, and new merchandising, distribution, and financial systems. Read on for more information about […]

Blog Del Narco
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What Makes Blog Del Narco So Special?

Blog Del Narco: Blog del Narco is a blog that tries to document the violent events and characters of the Mexican drug war. Unlike the mainstream media and government reports, its posts never make it to the mainstream. Yet, its followers are as large as its fan base. In fact, it has even spawned a […]